1958 Vogue Jill - page 2
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Excerpted from the 1958 Catalog:
1958 Jill:
...Jill is 10-1/2 inches tall.  She stands, sleeps, walks, bends her knees and crosses her ankles.  Available with
blonde, brunette or auburn hair in angel cut or ponytail.  Dressed in leotard and high heels-$3.00
1958 Jan:
...Jan is 10-1/2 inches tall.  She stands and sleeps and has beautiful rooted hair available in blonde, brunette or
auburn in angel cut or ponytail.  Dressed in leotard and high heels - $3.00
Text excerpted from: The Vogue Doll Family Their fabulous clothes and accessories for 1958, Fashion Leaders-in Doll
Excerpted from 1958 Catalog - Jill's Furniture
3850 $2.00 Jill's bed comes in mint green wood imprinted with Jill's and Jan's name
3851 $2.00 Jill's Dream Cozy Bed Set has pillow, pillow case, two contour sheets and spread
3860 $3.00 Jill's mint green vanity table with matching bench has lift-up mirror space, pretty plastic comb
3861 $3.00 Jill's desk and chair set in mint green has two drawers and name plate that says "Jill" "Jan"
3881 $4.00 Jill's mint green wardrobe has sliding door, clothes rack and brass handle drawer
Hanging in wardrobe: Fabric variation of 1957 Outfit 7513 and 1958 Outfit 3368 and 1958 3510 Poodle Tote on Door
L-3860 R-3850 & 3851
L-3881 R-3861 & Limoges Typewriter & Princess Telephone