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Excerpted from the 1958 Catalog:
Outfit 3300 $1.00 Black, red or pink jersey leotard  
Outfit 3302 $1.00 Lace edged parchment nylon petticoat and embroidered cotton bra.  Nylon tricot step-ins
Outfit 3304 $1.00 Red and white polka dot pajamas with snap buttons and white rick rack trim
Outfit 3305 $1.00 Three-quarter length dormitory robe in white cotton with red kerchief design
Outfit 3311 $1.50 Pink nylon nightgown trimmed with lace and a flower bud at the waist
Outfit 3312 $1.50 Red Capri-pants and matching harlequin pattern over-blouse with white plastic glasses
Outfit 3313 $1.50 Block print pink cotton strapless bodice, full skirt  black ribbon on hem and neckline
Outfit 3314 $1.50 Black nylon tulle over a bodice of pink taffeta and flowers at waist
Outfit 3315 $1.50 Jacquard taffeta skirt in pale blue with a jewel trimmed blue velveteen bodice
Outfit 3316 $1.50 Beige felt sheath skirt topped with brown cotton blouse and brown belt
Outfit 3317 $1.50 Gold-tone print skirt with eyelet embroidered blouse and black belt
Outfit 3330 $2.00 White polished cotton sundress banded with black and trimmed with lace on the neckline
Outfit 3331 $2.00 Kick pleated skirt in fleecy pale pink,  with a red jersey wrap-around blouse with a jewel
Outfit 3332 $2.00 One-piece dress with aqua blouse and aqua flower print skirt
Outfit 3333 $2.00 Blue denim jeans, white cotton shirt and belt, glasses and a bottle of "Coke" *
Outfit 3334 $2.00 Primrose yellow cotton dress
Outfit 3335 $2.00 Striped Ivy League shorts, red jersey shirt and matching knee length socks
Outfit 3336 $2.00 Red and white cotton polka dot dress with black belt and black bow
Outfit 3337 $2.00 Beige twill jodhpurs with a print blouse, collar pin and brown boots
Outfit 3338 $2.00 Red and white candy striped cotton dress white belt
Outfit 3339 $2.00 Red, black and white plaid pants and bulky-knit sweater with brass buttons
Outfit 3340 $2.00 Pink flocked dress with lace trim and lace edged petticoat and a butterfly clip in her hair  
Outfit 3345 $2.00 Hooded raincoat in assorted prints under clear vinyl with striped bag
Outfit 3360 $3.00 Cotton shirtmaker;  black pleated skirt, black belt, white blouse, black & aqua tie.  Black glasses
Outfit 3361 $3.00 Pink polished cotton dress  with a pink jersey shrug
Outfit 3362 $3.00 White princess swim suit, matching cape and red coolie hat with Canon terry towel
Outfit 3363 $3.00 Record-Hop skirt in yellow felt imprinted in black with musical motifs & blouse of jet black jersey
Outfit 3364 $3.00 Coral jersey skating dress with silver threads and  matching hat with real feathers & skates
Outfit 3365 $3.00 White lace over rustling toast taffeta dress with bow
Outfit 3366 $3.00 Red sailor dress with white trim, white satin tie and a white felt hat banded in red
Outfit 3367 $3.00 Black felt ski pants, aqua bloused jacket trimmed with white, black earmuff cap and skis and poles
(Only matching out for Jill, Jeff, Ginny and Ginnette)
Outfit 3368 $3.00 Sheer cotton print dress in shades of rose with a pink clutch purse and pleated ribbon hat
Outfit 3369 $3.00 Plaid pleated skirt, red short sleeve jersey top and white felt blazer with emblem
Outfit 3370 $3.00 Strapless sari print dress of blue nylon, iridescent taffeta underskirt & lined jacket of silver lame
Outfit 3375 $3.00 Shawl collared coat in beige felt with matching cloche hat
Outfit 3380 $4.00 Strapless gown in apricot flowered print w/ lace & moss green velvet trim & a flower hair wreath
Outfit 3381 $4.00 Fleecy two-piece suit in Dior blue with rhinestone buttoned jacket and a banded wheat straw hat  
Outfit 3382 $4.00 Black velveteen and pink lace dress with layered hat
Outfit 3385 $4.00 Red suedine coat with flower trimmed beret of real bunny fur
Outfit 3390 $5.00 Eggshell brocade dress with aqua cummerbund and petticoat, satin hat and real ranch mink muff
Outfit 3391 $5.00 Pink velveteen gown with a petticoat of pink tulle, pink bunny fur cape and jewel comb
Outfit 3392 $5.00 White satin and tulle bridal gown with a chapel length veil and a bouquet
Outfit 3395 $5.00 Toasty warm coat beige dynel and lined with brown taffeta with headband to match  
New Accessories in 1958:
3346 $2.00 Snow white real bunny fur stole
3347 $2.00 Beige dynel stole
3501 $.25 Molded shoes in assorted styles and colors
3502 $.25 Leather-like belt, bag and collar in assorted colors
3503 $.25 Plastic eyeglasses and case
3510 $.50 Felt tote bag with colorful embroidered poodle
(known: turquoise, black, pink, yellow, blue felt)
3560 $1.00 Imported, embroidered straw handbags come in assorted colors, Metal headband has Jill's name
3563 $1.00 Knit Kit has yarn, instructions and buttons for 3 cardigan sweaters & 3 cuddle caps for Vogue dolls
3567 $1.00 Wigs - two styles, each in three colors, Blonde, brunette, auburn
3600 $.25 Pretty pearl choker and earring set
3601 $.25 Golden choker necklace and matching earrings
3602 $.25 Glamorous pearl clustered bobby pin
3603 $.25 One pair of butterfly bobby pins in assorted colors
3604 $.25 Golden ponytail clip with matching golden hoop earrings and one pair of four leaf clover earrings
3610 $.50 Choker and earring set in gay rainbow colors
3650 $.75 Iridescent choker, earrings and ponytail clip
3652 $.75 Pretty pearl hair comb and pearl earrings to match
3660 $1.00 Gleaming pearl evening bag with handle
3662 $1.00 Flowered ponytail clips.  Three to a set
3690 $2.00 To wear yourself - a Ginny, Ginnette and Jill charm bracelet
3750 $10.00 Teen Togs Package contains Jill dressed in leotard plus three separate outfits and complete wardrobe
of lingerie and accessories  
Text excerpted from: The Vogue Doll Family Their fabulous clothes and accessories for 1958, Fashion Leaders-in Doll
Society.  *
("Coca-Cola" and "Coke" are registered trade-marks of the Coca-Cola Company.)
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