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Text excerpted from: Hi! We're Jill and Jan...members of the Ginny Doll Family Vogue Dolls, Inc., 1959 Fold-out Catalog.  
Excerpted from the 1959 Catalog:
Outfit 3411 $1.50 Shirtwaist  with a black and white cotton skirt and white taffeta blouse with roll-up sleeves and belt
Outfit 3412 $1.50 Harem-hemmed dress in  pink with strapless bodice with waist-high bow  and pearly pink choker
Outfit 3413 $1.50 Layers of white tulle with bodice of black sparkly velvet and pearly choker, silver crown and mask
Outfit 3414 $1.50 Swim suit with white pique bodice and flaring plaid skirt and dark glasses and Canon terry towel
Outfit 3415 $1.50 Blue denim jeans, yellow jersey and belt with glasses and golden hoop earrings
Outfit 3416 $1.50 Pink strapless polished cotton dress with black beaded Cluny lace and pearly white choker
Outfit 3417 $1.50 Fringed pants and cropped top in blue/green water color print and straw sailor hat
Outfit 3418 $1.50 Orange halter top with cluster pleated print skirt and belt
Outfit 3419 $1.50 Bermudas in assorted plaids with a white blouse and belt with gold hoop earrings
Outfit 3430 $2.00 Sheer red dotted Swiss sun dress with lined skirt and banded with white lace
Outfit 3431 $2.00 Black & white check slacks with belt, aqua cotton top and Oxford grey wool felt blazer & golden ear hoops
Outfit 3432 $2.00 2-piece cotton sailor dress in red, white and blue with halter top, skirt with anchor motif and white braid
Outfit 3433 $2.00 Cropped top of white embroidered cotton and pink skirt
Outfit 3434 $2.00 Cotton shirtwaist dress in yellow watercolor print with orange sash and roll-up sleeves
Outfit 3435 $2.00 Aqua flowered taffeta dress with strapless bodice, harem-hem and aqua jacket and pearly choker
Outfit 3436 $2.00 Pants and strapless top of black velvet with bunny fur-cloth shrug, choker, earrings
Outfit 3437 $2.00 Plaid cotton skirt, belt and white top plus a red cardigan with a golden pin
Outfit 3438 $2.00 Blue cotton dress with yoke and skirt banded with polka dots and white lace
Outfit 3445 $2.00 Lemon yellow felt coat wraps and ties in front with matching flare brim cloche and clutch purse
Outfit 3446 $2.00 Hooded raincoat of clear vinyl lined with different prints and matching tote bag
Outfit 3460 $3.00 Sheer black silk organza dress with pink tulle petticoat, pink hat and pearly pink choker
Outfit 3461 $3.00 Red jersey ice skating leotard with white felt skirt and short cropped jacket, furry hat and white skates
Outfit 3462 $3.00 Rodeo outfit of Ranch blue twill trimmed with silver and black; gun & holster set, white hat and boots
Outfit 3463 $3.00 Garden Party dress is sheer yellow organdy over flowered taffeta with aqua sash, choker, straw hat
Outfit 3464 $3.00 Green felt pants and plaid bloused jacket ski outfit with white earmuff cap, boots, mittens, skis and poles
Outfit 3465 $3.00 Black velvet strapless dress with skirt of white lace and full taffeta petticoat with pink hair bow
Outfit 3480 $4.00 Bouffant nylon tulle over pink taffeta gown traced with pink satin and pink head-wreath, pearly choker
Outfit 3481 $4.00 Bridal gown of white lace over satin with a chapel length veil and bouquet
Outfit 3485 $4.00 Toasty warm coat of beige dynel lined with brown taffeta with headband to match (see 1958 outfit  3395
for picture).
New accessories in 1959:
3511 $.50 Jill's personalized metal headband and two pearly covers - pocketbook - assorted colors
3660 $1.00 Gleaming sequin evening bag with handle
3910 $.50 Ruffled petticoats in assorted fabrics and colors
3961 $1.00 2-piece cotton pajamas
3962 $1.00 Three-quarter length dormitory robe, assorted prints
Outfit 3463
Outfit 3481
Outfit 3480
Outfit 3465
Outfit 3464
Spacers designed for Jill or Jan to wear in
flat-heeled boots or skates
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